GL wants 10,000 start-up capital for all 18 year olds | Inland

Five years ago, the basic grant disappeared and the loan system was introduced, partly with the support of GL. But many parties that supported the loan system have retraced their steps. A majority of the House now wants to get rid of it. A number of parties want to return to the basic grant, but GL has now come up with an alternative.

The money must also be made available to all young people who have come under the loan system in recent years. GL also wants to expand access to the supplementary grant. Young people whose parents earn 100,000 euros or less should be eligible, the party believes.

GL thinks it will cost around 2.2 billion euros to implement the plan. The party wants to achieve this with a wealth tax on millionaires, of 1 percent for people with more than a million euros and 2 percent for people with more than two million.

The plan is part of GL’s new election program, which the party will present on Saturday.

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