GKR, JKP and “KPV LV” have spent the most funds in the official campaign period – in Latvia – News

GKR has spent 155,998 euros, JKP – 152,394 euros, and “KPV LV” – 141,070 euros in the official campaign period until August 5.

This is followed by the party association “Development / For! / Progressive”, which has declared 114,242 euros, but “New Unity” has spent 111,907 euros, while the Latvian Russian Union – 109,978 euros.

In sixth place in terms of expenses is the Union of Greens and Farmers (ZZS), which has spent 105,171 euros, in seventh place – “S Harmona”, which has declared expenses in the amount of 104,181 euros, and in eighth place is the national association “For All Latvia!” / LNNK / Association of Latvian Regions, which has spent 90,934 euros.

The “Alternative” party has spent 28,042 euros, but the “Center Party” – 2,610 euros.

The total amount for which the parties have concluded campaign agreements is 1,116,537 euros.

KNAB reminds that until the Riga City Council’s extraordinary elections, parties have a limit on how much money they can spend on advertising, charity and similar events. Each party may spend a maximum of EUR 171,706.89 for these purposes. On the other hand, the campaign spending threshold of a non-party person may not exceed 6450 euros.

some parties had started advertising for the Riga City Council elections before the official campaign period came into force.

Until the campaign period, the law does not provide for any campaign restrictions for parties. The costs incurred by the party in connection with the political advertising placed so far will have to be reflected in the annual report of the respective party for 2020.

The Saeima decided to dismiss the Riga City Council at the beginning of this year, while the extraordinary elections to the Riga City Council will take place on the last Saturday in August.

In the period from the day of the announcement of the election to the day of the election, restrictions and prohibitions have been set for parties to place and distribute pre-election campaign materials.

On election day, as well as 30 days before election day, the placement of pre-election campaign materials in electronic media television programs and broadcasts is prohibited.

On election day, as well as the day before election day, the placement of pre-election campaign materials in electronic media radio programs and broadcasts, in outdoor and indoor public use, in the press and in state and derived public institutions and corporations, as well as on the Internet is prohibited.

The use of administrative resources for elections is prohibited.

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