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Systematic height training has been highlighted as one of the main reasons why the Sandnes brothers Henrik, Filip and Jakob have all become European champions in the 1500 meters.

The travel restrictions triggered by the corona pandemic have stuck sticks in the wheels for them in 2020. Elevations in both Flagstaff and St. Moritz have been canceled.

But as of July 15, new guidelines apply. The government allows for travel to Schengen countries.

Facing NRK, all three brothers confirm after their race at Bislett this week that they will then go to Switzerland as soon as possible.

Will go right away

– Both I, Henrik and Jakob want to go right away when they open. Then we get exactly four weeks in height before the race in Monaco, and that’s exactly what we need. It will be good to get some calm, and some continuity together. That can have a lot to say, says Filip Ingebrigtsen.

– I want to use altitude training as soon as I get the opportunity. We know it has a good effect, and it has been a big part of our training for many, many years, says Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

Also coaching dad Gjert would like to have the sons of St. Moritz. But he himself will monitor the situation before he gives them a signal.

– We wait until recommended. The time until July 15, we will spend on seeing the world become stable. And, of course, if there is a relapse in some of the European countries and things start to go wrong, then it will not be appropriate to travel anywhere, he states.

SHOWED STRENGTH: Jakob and Filip Ingebrigtsen ran faster than ever before in the Boysen Memorial. Now they want to go as high as possible.

Photo: Trond Reidar Teigen / NTB Scanpix

– Career Destruction

And it is not just obedience to guidelines that is his agenda.

– We do not want to seek risk if Europe turns in the wrong direction. The most important thing is that we stay healthy. For as middle and long distance runners, it will be extremely critical to get sick with coronavirus. It can be a career ruin for a top athlete, so we can’t take any kind of risk, he states.

He has the same attitude when it comes to competitions.

The Ingebrigtsen family hopes and believes in a good competition harvest, with the Monaco convention on August 14 as the first highlight.

– But we don’t know if we’re going to run in Monaco either. We never do stupid things. It may be we run in Monaco, it may be we run in Brussels if there is an opportunity, it may well be, with all the reservations of the world, traveling to Stockholm. Then it becomes NM. Then it is Ostrava, Zagreb. There are opportunities to run, but we must ensure that we do this well, says Gjert Ingebrigtsen.

At the same time, he acknowledges that this season has shown that not everything is down to altitude training.

– We see that we can maintain a reasonably good level just by being at home and doing good training. We shall not at all costs here or there. Before we travel, we must know that we are doing what we are going to do well, he states.



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