Givordine Competes for Miss World Crown as Miss Philippines 2022.

The 22-year-old girl hopes to win the crown of the prestigious beauty pageant.

A Givordine will participate in the final of Miss World at the end of the year. But she will not represent France but the Philippines. Gwendolyne Fourniol was crowned Miss Philippines 2022 a year ago.

Gwendolyne Fourniol first participated in the Miss Philippines pageant in 2021 and ranked in the top 15 before winning the scarf the following year.

In the Lyon country up to 10 years

The young woman was born in 2000 in Givors and grew up in Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise. At the age of 10, she left France and settled in England, then arrived in Manila at 18, the city where her mother was born. She started by giving French and English lessons on site.

The latter often returns to the Lyon region. In an interview at Progress, she explains that she visits her paternal grandparents and her uncle in Givors once a year. The opportunity to eat the typical dishes of the region. “It’s so good”, assures Gwendolyne to our colleagues.

Another reason to return to France and the Lyon mountains: nature. “I miss it here, in Manila, where the traffic jams are huge. It sometimes takes an hour to do only a few kilometers”, indicates the young woman on a daily basis.

A physical but not only

The passion for beauty contests came quite late in the life of the young woman. It was her mother who pushed her to take the plunge. However, she does not only want to be judged by her physique.

“Many girls bet 100% on the physical, without working for the people of their country. For me, it is 70% of generosity: I give my heart for the education of young girls and boys. the jury will be sensitive to it”, indicates the Givordine to the Progress.

The Miss World final will probably take place in December, either in Dubai or London, according to Gwendolyne Fourniol. Enough to leave time to prepare to win the election.

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