Given the interest of America and Chivas, Santos has already put a bounty on Eduardo ‘Mudo’ Aguirre

Eduardo ‘Muto Aguirre became one of the big names who started playing to reach two greats of Liga MX how America and Chivas. Both teams plan to strengthen their lead for the Closing 2023and for this they bet on the forward of Santos; in fact, the lagoon group already foreseen this situation and set a price for the Mexican striker.

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seasons ago, Guadalajara showed interest in hiring Aguirre ‘Muto’, however, his attempt failed, as he failed to meet the economic demands of the Guerrero. For their part, the Eagles continue to explore the possibilities of incorporating Mexican strikers; especially not to be sure if Federico Vina will continue for next season.

Santos has set a starting price for ‘Mudo’ Aguirre

According to Axel Ramírez, from “Warrior Mode”, the Laguneros appreciated the letter from the attacker A 24-year-old Mexican for an amount close to 6 million dollars. That’s why, in case any team wants to have Edward Aguirre for the next season, you will have to pay this amount to the cashiers of Santos.

In this sense it has been said Who goes He has already started working on the structuring of an offer to present it to the lagoons; one of the plans would be to include an actor in the operation, this in order to lower the amount that has been fixed.

On the other hand, in the environment of Eagles of America There was no mention of an offer, despite the interest they have in being able to have one of the players with the most projection within the mexican football; indeed, in the past it was also said that the Mexican-American, Brando Vazquezanother goal of ‘Flock’ it was offered to the azulcrema.

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