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from Salvatore Riggio

Leo Messi unlocks the Argentina-Mexico match and the former defender, now a commentator for Rai, exults shouting into the microphone: “Keep that book open, you still have so many pages to write”. Irony is unleashed on the web

Lionel Messi unlocks the match against Mexico with a left from the limit that slips into the corner to the left of Ochoa. And Lele Adani, second voice on Raiuno di Stefano Bizzotto, is exploded with his exultation: «Respect for the number one, respect for the sample. Rosario Central, it’s football, Messi, criticized too many times. Keep that book open Leo, you still have so many pages to write », he shouted, always a great admirer of the Pulce (which he had marked, but from a penalty, also on Albiceleste’s debut in the 2-1 defeat against Arabia Saudi) and excellent connoisseur of South American football.

And as always in these cases, on social networks, users are divided between irony and some controversy: «Adani is now being given Argentine citizenship», we read. Or again: “Adani’s heart skipped a beat”, “I fear another goal from Messi”. Or: “The Argentine commentators asked Adani to calm down”, «Adani mvp». Finally: «Cristiano Ronaldo is better»precisely to contrast CR7 with Lionel.

Adani was then repeated also for the doubling of Argentina signed by Enzo Fernandez, with an assist from the usual Messiyoung midfielder (born in 2001), raised in River Plate who seemed to have gone to Milan, but who in the end chose to move to Portugal and accept Benfica’s offer.


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