Giulia De Lellis new tattoo, but her mother doesn’t react well: “Inca..ta”


The influencer lets fans know that he has made new tattoos on all the fingers of both hands and reveals what the reactions of his loved ones have been

Giulia De Lellis today made some small tattoos on her fingers of both hands. She herself shares a post and some Stories on Instagram to show her followers the news. The influencer has always shown that he has a weakness for tattoos. In fact, these join the many others that the former suitor of Men and Women has. In these last hours, therefore, he asks fans to have their say on the latest arrivals. And while he is waiting to find out what his followers think, let it be known that his mom didn’t appreciate it at all. Giulia confesses that his mother got angry in the face of this novelty. The hands are a fairly obvious area of ​​the body and having tattoos on all the fingers is certainly not a factor that goes unnoticed. On the other hand, it often happens that parents do not agree with certain choices of their children.

The influencer says that her aunt thought it was just henna and that, therefore, the designs would go away with time. Instead, the sister and brother approved. Regarding the father he writes: “3, 2, 1 and call my dad”, accompanied by an emoticon expressing despair. Meanwhile, under the post shared by De Lellis, the followers are commenting giving their opinion. Among the positive and affectionate comments for the influencer, negative ones also appear. In fact, they are different people who seem to have disliked Juliet’s new tattoos. There are those who are even convinced that De Lellis has ruined her hands.

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Of course they are many are those who are supporting and approving the news. In the last few days, it has been forced to respond to some controversy, born with his return home from St. Moritz, where he spent the New Year’s Eve with the boyfriend Carlo Beretta. The choice to spend this period on the snow has generated many negative comments. Meanwhile, her love affair with Carlo seems to be going well. In fact, according to the latest rumors, Giulia would be ready to go and live together with Beretta! This would be the third cohabitation for De Lellis, after the one lived with Damante and Iannone.


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