Giro d’Italia, the 21st stage Senago-Milan live: Ganna first

Departure times

The first runner to start in the time trial from Senago to Milan will be Riccardo Minali (13.45). Then Viviani (13.53) and the great favorite Filippo Ganna (14.08). His two main rivals are Affini (14.11) and Cavagna (14.58). The Sagan cyclamen jersey will be at 14.13, Nibali at 15.50, Bilbao (16.01), Bennett (16.07), Daniel Martin (16.10), Foss (16.13), Almeida (16.16), Carthy (16.19), Daniel Martinez (16.22), Bardet (16.25), Vlasov (16.28). Finally Yates (16.31), Caruso (16.34) and Bernal (16.37).



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