Girls run over and killed, the friend in the back seat of the car: “Davide shouted ‘Pietro stop’, then the crash”

“Pietro was like an automaton” – The same Davide who, immediately after the accident, told the police that “it was impossible to avoid what happened”. According to Fornari’s words recorded in the minutes, Repubblica writes, different details emerge. Here is the young man’s statement: “Stop, stop, I heard this cry almost at the same moment when I heard a very loud bang at the car. Pietro continued driving for another two hundred meters but he had changed his face. He was like an automaton, not it seemed in itself, indeed it seemed to not understand anything anymore “.

Matter of moments – Acampora had instead told the police that “the two poor girls suddenly came out. We came from a green light, we were not going very fast but we had picked up speed when we were at the height of the next traffic light. We were in the fast lane, on our right I noticed a car that slowed down without understanding why and the two girls ran in front of us “. In the words of the other twenty year old, Acampora would have shouted at Pietro to stop because he had noticed, even at the last minute, the girls. A matter of a moment, which could have been fatal for the tragic crash.

Different versions – The gip Bernadette Nicotra gave credit to the version of Fornari, who ordered Genovese’s domicile, however, highlighting “the forbidden and recklessly reckless conduct” of the two girls who crossing with the red, at night, in the rain, have ” contribution to the causation of the fatal accident “, as stated in the judge’s order. The same guilt contest that the lawyers of the girls’ parents are trying to avoid: according to their reconstruction, the girls were on the lines, but the investigating judge doubts it and writes that “they allegedly crossed without using the pedestrian crossing”. Instead, it seems safe that the SUV has gone green. On the crossing of the two friends, on the strips or not, there are conflicting testimonies. To try to reconstruct what really happened, the images of the cameras of a restaurant located at the scene of the accident, which have already been seized by the judicial authority, could be decisive.

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