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In Øyslebøy, a girl in her mid-teens suffered burns when young people played with fireworks.

LINDESNES: – There were a number of young people gathered at the school, and a number of fireworks were set off. The girl who was injured called her parents who in turn called us. She has now been taken by ambulance to hospital for treatment, says operations manager Knut Odde at the police operations center.

Fyr in hood

Friday night at 20.25, the operations center wrote on Twitter about the incident at Øyslebø school. The girl in her mid-teens got a shot from fireworks caught in the hood of the garment she was wearing, and when it exploded she was burnt in the neck and upper back.

The police got in touch with a person who admitted to having set off the fireworks.
Photo: Jøran Fredheim

– The police came to the place where there was a relatively good atmosphere. They talked to several young people, and eventually a boy stepped forward and acknowledged that it was he who had lit the fireworks that led to the damage. For the time being, it looks like this has been an accident, and that it was not on purpose that she was hit, says Odde.

Not allowed

A case has been opened on the relationship.

We are writing on January 7 and it is no longer allowed to set off fireworks. It is also not allowed for people under the age of 18 to send up fireworks without adults present. There is nothing to indicate that this has been the case here, says operations manager Odde.

Fædrelandsvennen is informed by tips on the spot that there are still fireworks around the school after the police have left the place on Friday night.

At 21.20, the police also wrote on Twitter about this: “The police have received further complaints from the area that fireworks are being used. If some parents suspect that their young people are at school, it is good if they take a trip and check what they are doing. “

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