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Forbes publishes each year a list “30 under 30” list of European stars in the category of entertainment. There, 22-year-old Marie Ulven, better known as Girl in Red, ended up.

The wolf has recently received enormous international attention for his song “serotonin”, which is co-produced by the artist FINNEAS, the brother and producer of Billie Eilish.

The jury points out that Marie Ulven gets a lot of attention for her music about queer love on TikTok, writes 730. Her songs have received so much attention on TikTok that “Do you listen to girl in red?” has become the watchword for “Do you like girls?”.

This year’s jury consists of, among others, Olly Alexander from the band Years & Years and the series «It’s A Sin». Other well-known names on the list are the Dutch YouTube star Nikkie de Jager better known as NikkieTutorials and Emma Corrin, who plays Diana in The Crown.

Dagbladet has contacted Ulven for a comment, but has not received a response.

– My biggest song

In March, Ulven released the first single “Serotonin” from his upcoming debut album “if I could make it go quiet”, and the bragging has not been long in coming.

On the same night as the release, the song was declared “the hottest in the world right now” on the program Future Sounds on BBC Radio 1, which is one of the channel’s flagships. The BBC describes the song as a “whimsical and optimistic pop anthem”.

– This is my biggest song ever, Ulven said firmly to the British radio host Annie Mac.

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BIG SUCCESS: Girl in Red is hailed by both Forbes and on Facebook.  Photo: Frank Karlsen / Dagbladet
GREAT SUCCESS: Girl in Red is hailed by both Forbes and on Facebook. Photo: Frank Karlsen / Dagbladet
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Had intrusive thoughts

The artist has long talked about his mental health through music. She tells the British public broadcaster that she wrote “Serotonin” after starting therapy last year.

Låtteksten består blant annet av strofer som «I get intrusive thoughts like burning my hair off / Like hurting somebody I love … So scared I ‘m going to end up doing something stupid.»

CORONA-EKSPERIMENT: Here, Barcelona tests the virus in a slightly untraditional way on Saturday 27 March. Video: Catalunya Informacio / Twitter. Reporter: Anton Lier / Dagbladet TV.
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– I have had intrusive thoughts for a long time, probably the last ten years. Thoughts that I want to jump out of a window, or in front of a train. It is very intense and you feel you have to fight with yourself not to do it, she told the British broadcaster.

What are obsessions and compulsions?

  • Obsessions are unwanted, intrusive, repetitive and irresistible thoughts, feelings, ideas or sensations. They are usually perceived as hurtful, frightening and / or threatening.
  • Coercive actions (compulsions) are actions that a person feels compelled to perform constantly, even though he / she is aware that it is not really necessary.
  • The coercive actions reduce the feeling of discomfort / anxiety that different situations inflict on the person (dirt when forced to wash, for example).

Source: NHI.

– People do not talk about it because it makes you sound “crazy”.

Through therapy, she realized that the thoughts for her are harmless, and do not represent something she actually wants or will accomplish.

“A thought is just a thought,” she said.

– The minute I realized it, I became comfortable talking about it, because I got a much more relaxed relationship with it.

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