Girardi launched himself: “I would like to be mayor of a popular commune”

Many parliamentarians and mayors will have to reinvent themselves, because the new law cannot be renamed. That is what Senator Guido Girardi (PPD) must do.

In conversation with The secondGirardi said that “I have no definitions and life will tell me which is the best way. The most important thing is to know what you want to do and I want to dedicate myself to building what I call techno ecological progressivism.”

“I would love to be part of a project that disputes with the right the next government, not to have any office, to build an alternative government action that puts the emphasis on the gigantic opportunities that Chile has in the 21st century: solar energy, astronomy, lithium, to take over the strategic need to have a vaccine production system, sustainable agriculture, to rethink cities, to achieve a growth and competitive economy, because we have many niches that nobody else has ” he added.

But the senator went further and maintained that “I would also love to be mayor (…) of a popular communeI don’t know which one. I want to keep my job for the Congress of the Future, that’s what I’m most passionate about. And if I were mayor I would do it to make a municipality of the future. I am thinking of holding a Latin American Future Congress and I have already talked with Argentina and Mexico. “

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