Giovanna, Nurse: Au pair change denied for years, I had to redo the competition.

Giovanna, Nurse: au pair exchange denied for years, to be able to go home I had to do the competition all over again!

The story of Giovanna, a nurse who has just been called from the ranking of the company near her home. Yet he was already working in the public, 50 km away!


thank you for the space given to denounce an injustice. Since 2013 I worked 50 km from home like many commuters.

In 2015 I found an equal change for the hospital near my home, of the company “close” to mine. When asking for the au pair change, my company told me that I was an “expert in intensive care” so they wouldn’t give me the change. I turned to the unions who seemed to have won after a tough meeting.

But 3 months had passed and the change had vanished.

In 2016, in the fall, here is another opportunity. However, my company did not answer me for weeks and when I went to the management it was impossible to speak with the manager. Another nuanced change. I could go through legal channels but I had problems with my mother, who was sick, and I had no mind and no desire to put myself in it.

In 2018 again, this time they denied the change to be assigned to the intensive care unit and the colleague, who was not in the area but was trying to get closer to her boyfriend, gave up.

So I redid the competition for the company in my province.

Finally, last September 28, they called me and I’m waiting to take up service.

It took me 7 years to get home, 50km away.

What a shame.


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