Giovani could play second after leaving America and being inactive

Giovani Dos Santos celebrating after scoring a goal

Giovani Dos Santos He has been without a team for six months, after not entering into plans with him America club for him Opening Tournament 2021 that is about to end; However, everything seems to indicate that he would return to the fields, but very far from Mexican soccer.

Giovani Dos Santos could reach Cruzeiro Esporte

Giovani Dos Santos, who was one of the highest paid players in the MX League and from America club, currently has a market value of 1 million euros, according to data from TransfermarktHe also owns his letter, which would allow him to accommodate himself with the club of his interest.

In days past it was made known that Tigers had intentions of rescuing Gio; However, in the last hours it transpired that the Sports Club Cruise from B series from Brazil is interested in the largest of the of the saints.

Journalist Jorge Nicola, revealed that Giovani Dos Santos is one of the objectives of cruise, as well as Felipe Melo, players who will seek to sign during the next winter transfer market.

Since Gio flew from Nest little and nothing has been known of the footballer emerged from The farmhouse of the BarcelonaWell, he has stayed away from the spotlight. In case you choose to play in Brasil, Youth would have to accept a pay cut, since cruise I could hardly pay him the $ 2 million he was making in the America.

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