Gioele, the father Daniele Mondello: “Viviana didn’t kill him”

MESSINA Five hours of work by a volunteer compared to fifteen days of seventy experienced men, give me objective doubts about the methods adopted for the research. Mine is not meant to be a controversy, but the simple consideration of a husband and father destroyed by the loss of his family. Daniele Mondello father of Gioele, the four-year-old boy found dead in the wood of Caronia, once again relied on social media to criticize the investigation methods developed to search for his son. On his Facebook page he also posted a video where a carabiniere with a metal detector is seen probing the ground in search of the child. I don’t know what to think … they were looking for him so my son (Click here to watch the video)? Finally, he reiterated his truth: Viviana did not kill herself and did not kill the baby.

Part reconstruction

The controversy, in fact, does not concern only the research techniques adopted. The family continues to have doubts about the causes of death. The Courier service yesterday revealed what the hypothesis of the investigators on the last hours of Viviana’s life and little Gioele. From the escape in the woods, after the accident she caused in the tunnel along the Messina-Palermo, to the subsequent phases that would have induced her to murder-suicide. The lawyer Claudio Mondello, one of the lawyers who looks after the interests of the family, he exposed his theory, also on Facebook. Viviana did not kill herself and did not kill little Gioele, he says. And he hypothesizes a scenario: The child escapes the vigilance of the mother, something scares him and flees. His mother, terrified, desperately searches for him, but his attempts fail. In the end, to better orient himself, he decides to get on the pylon. Viviana manages to track down Joel from that position, she hurries down but, probably to avoid wasting time, she thinks she’ll jump. This choice is fatal. The child, left alone in the woods, incurred a fatal encounter with a black Nebrodi pig. So far the reconstruction of the lawyer. For the Prosecutor of Patti, led by Angelo Cavallo, Viviana Parisi suffered from psychotic disorders. Theory that would be confirmed by health documents. On March 17, the deejay presented herself at the Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto hospital and left with a diagnosis that spoke of feelings of despondency and anxiety crises.

The choice of the family

On June 28, Viviana presented herself to the emergency room of the Messina Polyclinic because she ingested eight tablets of a drug used for acute and chronic psychotic disorders. The drug is part of the loanable bracket A and must be prescribed with a medical prescription. When asked by the doctor, the woman reported psychiatric problems. The doctor in issuing the certificate wrote that he was being treated in the psychiatry ward. The lawyers Pietro Venuti and Claudio Mondello write in a note: Viviana had taken a slightly higher quantity of the prescribed drug that day and when in doubt we went to the emergency room for the necessary checks. No suicide attempts. Investigations also focus on these medical aspects. In recent days, the police seized the medical records relating to the woman’s birth at the Papardo hospital in Messina. Finally, a last note: Viviana Parisi’s parents have appointed the lawyers of the case Scazzi and Meredith Kercher as their lawyers. I learn from the media, said the lawyer Venuti. We at least expected that he would be communicated to us with a phone call or a Pec. But, evidently, they did not consider it appropriate.

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