Ginny & Georgia: Top 5 anecdotes to know about the Netflix series!

While season 2 of Ginny & Georgia is currently a hit on Netflix, here are 5 anecdotes to know about the series.

Fans of Ginny & Georgia may be in heaven. And for good reason, here five anecdotes about the series that should surprise them. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Ginny & Georgia: the series caused a sensation on Netflix

It’s no secret, Netflix never does things by halves. Indeed, the famous online streaming platform is working hard to offer the best possible series. This is how Ginny & Georgia was born.

Indeed, two years ago, the first season of Ginny & Georgia landed in the catalog of the group. To the delight of Gilmore Girls fans who were able to discover a version 2.0. Pretty cool, no?

Moreover, Ginny & Georgia season 1 was so successful that Netflix decided to renew the show for a season 2. And yes, the adventures of this mother and her daughter are not about to stop.

Between heartache, lies, betrayals or even demons from the past, the two young women are about to live a new year full of twists and turns. Something to delight viewers who will not be bored watching these ten new episodes. Awesome !

I have to say that the first teaser of this new part announces really heavy. As Austin’s father returns, Georgia’s terrible past will also resurface. In summary, nothing will go as planned.

But in reality, the series seems like the characters in the series, so complex. Thereby, here are 5 facts about Ginny & Georgia which may surprise you. MCE TV tells you more!

Top 5 trivia about the series

If the series Ginny & Georgia can count on the loyalty of its many fans, there are still some details that they do not know. Thereby, here are 5 anecdotes to know about the show.

The Ginny & Georgia series is inspired by real events

Ginny & Georgia is not just the fruit of an overflowing imagination. Indeed, the creator of the series, Sarah Lampert also based on her own experience. During a press conference, she explained: “It was important that the series remain authentic”.

The age of the two actresses

In the series, the mother and her daughter are 15 years apart. But in reality, far fewer years separate the two young women. And for good reason, Antonia Gentru, interpreter of Ginny is actually 25 years old. Her mother is 33 years old.

Some actors already knew each other

Before sharing film sets, the actresses who play Max, Norah and Abby already knew each other. Indeed, Sata Waisglass (Max) entrusted to Seventeen : “Katie (Norah) and Chelsea (Abby) are from Toronto just like me. We got to know each other quickly, and before we auditioned, we got together, we talked, and we became really close. »

The actress who plays Georgia was delayed in being cast

Finding the perfect cast for Ginny & Georgia was no easy task. And in reality, Georgia’s character was problematic. Indeed, Debra J. Fisher told Entertainment Weekly : « Brianne was the last, literally, the last to be cast. We had to find the perfect Georgia. »

A relationship in the cast?

In reality, the actor who plays Joe and the one who plays Padma are related. And yes, Raymond Ablack is Rebecca Ablack’s big brother. Just that !

One thing is certain, the Ginny & Georgia series has not finished surprising its fans. To be continued.

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