“Ginny & Georgia”: New Netflix Series

A young mother and her precocious teenage daughter move to a quaint New England town. Sounds familiar? In any case, fans of “Gilmore Girls” immediately took notice when Netflix presented its new series “Ginny & Georgia”. The announcement did not mention the cult series with Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as a mother-daughter duo. But the parallels are unmistakable – right down to the respective love interests for the title heroines. Hatch? Jess? Everything included!

Netflix-Serie erinnert an “Gilmore Girls”

At the center of the new Netflix series are 30-year-old Georgia Miller (played by the equally old Brianne Howey) and her 15-year-old daughter Ginny (newcomer Antonia Gentry). Georgia is clever and shrewd, the daughter is often more mature than her mother, as the industry service “Deadline” reported. Georgia and Ginny move to quaint New England town. There they get up against snooty elite students and charismatic heartbreakers.

Need more parallels to Stars Hollow? Schoolgirl Ginny arouses the interest of her neighbor Marcus (Felix Mallard). He is described in the announcement as a “bad boy”. Sounds a lot like Rory’s crush Jess (Milo Ventimiglia). Georgia, on the other hand, may be hooking up with Joe (Raymond Ablack). He’s the robust owner of a restaurant – and thus at least on paper a copy of Lorelai’s great love Luke (Scott Patterson), who owned the diner in Stars Hollow.

“Ginny & Georgia” admits parallels

The amazing similarity of the new Netflix series to “Gilmore Girls” was discussed in detail on Twitter. A denial by the producers would be pointless. Because they have admitted the closeness to the cult show, even if not in the official announcement. A local journalist shared a note on Twitter informing Toronto residents about the filming. Then the plot of “Ginny & Georgia” was compared directly with the famous role model.

Fortunately, there are some differences. Unlike Lorelai, Georgia has a young son. Ginny’s father is initially only known to be African American. In addition, the move seems to have a much more dramatic background. Georgia, in contrast to Lorelai, comes from a poor background and was on the run with her children for years. The streaming service kept that to itself for the time being. The first ten episodes of the new Netflix series by Debra J. Fisher and Sarah Lampert are due to be released in 2020.

By the way: Should “Ginny and Georgia” turn out to be a copy, everything stays in the family somehow. The first seven seasons of “Gilmore Girls” (2000 to 2007) and also the sequel miniseries from 2016 are available on Netflix.


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