Gillis viewers angry at ‘slave driver’ Nicol: ‘Do something yourself’

Tonight’s broadcast shows that Nicol is quite bossing around two other people. Every sentence she utters always starts with ‘if I were you’, followed by something she thinks the other people should do. And all because Nicol then has to come by with a real estate agent.

The viewers of the program do not really appreciate the attitude of ‘us Nicol’. For example, someone writes: “Slave driver Nicole is going to kill poor Johnnie with double pneumonia.” Another thinks that Nicol should ‘do something’ himself.

Someone else says: ‘That Nicol should talk less and let her hands wave.’ Someone is also convinced that Nicol was a slave driver in a past life. “She can’t do anything but command.”

In this episode Nicol and her great love Peter also go shopping for furniture together. But once in the furniture store, ‘Peerke’ thinks it’s all ‘dangerous’. You can see how that works in the video below.

Gillis family: Mass is Cashier see you every Monday at 20:30 on SBS6. You can look back here.

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