Gigi Hadid’s family on her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio: We want our daughter to be happy

It seems that the American supermodel Gigi Hadid is very happy with the international actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Sources tell ET that Bella’s family finds Leo incredibly talented and supportive of their relationship, they just want Gigi to be happy and to help her be an amazing mom.

As for Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi’s feelings, the source told ET, “Leo finds Gigi adorable, down-to-earth and intelligent, and they both really enjoy each other’s company and share a variety of things. They also hope to spend as much time together as possible.”

The comments come just days after Leonardo and Gigi were spotted leaving a dinner party in New York City on Friday, where the two were seen leaving separately, escorted by security in an effort to hide their faces from paparazzi cameras outside the restaurant. .

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