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Gift voucher 500 plus for pensioners. “Where does the money come from?” [komentarze internautów – 5.07.2020 r.]


500 plus tourist voucher also for pensioners? This was decided by the Senate, which introduced an amendment to the Act on the Polish Tourist Voucher. 500 plus for holidays is a benefit that is to be given primarily to children. “For taxpayers it is another 500-” – comments one of the Internet users. Who will get 500 plus for the holidays?

Works on the Polish Tourist Voucher are underway. In June the bill was passed by the Sejm, now the bill has been amended by senators. 500 plus for the holidays is to go to parents of children who receive the traditional 500 plus. Double support is to be given to disabled children.

Tourist voucher also for pensioners?

The Senate passed the 500 plus tourist voucher act almost unanimously, but added some of its amendments. The most exciting thing is the idea of ​​extending the 500 plus allowance to holidays also for pensioners. This may even double the cost of the program, whose value has so far been estimated at PLN 3.5 billion. Soon, the Sejm will vote on the amendments, and then the bill will go to the President’s desk for signature.

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Who will get 500 plus for the holidays?

The article on the voucher 500 plus for the holidays also gave a lively response to our readers. The financing of the Polish Tourist Voucher raises the most doubts. You think that the next social programs only make the society lazy. Many of us are afraid that the costs of 500 plus for holidays will fall on the shoulders of people who work and pay contributions.

– For taxpayers it is another 500-. Wouldn’t it be better to increase the minimum wage and pensions by these PLN 500 and reduce taxes so that everyone could live with dignity and be able to finance their holidays with their own personal money? And from organizing holidays for socially excluded children, we probably have MOPS and various foundations – emphasizes one of the commentators.

– Will people who work bear all the pros and cons associated with price increases? Where does the money come from? asks Mrs. Eleonora.

500 plus for the holidays: when will it be?

Many of our readers note that once again the working and childless have been omitted from the government’s social programs. – Those who work for all these + salaries are reduced to 80 percent. Nothing belongs – notes Magdalena.

Marcin adds: – It is a pity that you do not think about people who have no children, are not retired, and work honestly for years, it is still the state that proves …

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– They give to those who rather will not use this voucher. Children will not use it, because parents have to pay for everything practically, and considering the 4.0 shield and the fact that we work for 80% of the salary, you have to think about paying the fees, food, medicines and loans first. Well, we know that you do not think about holidays. Pensioners will not use it because they can’t afford medicine, let alone holidays – this is one of the most interesting comments about 500 plus for holidays.

Tourist voucher: for whom 500 plus?

An interesting case related to the Polish Tourist Certificate 500 plus was Joanna’s attention. And what about the coronavirus pandemic, which is especially dangerous for elderly people? – First, a great deal about protecting older people from the virus. Hours in stores for seniors etc., and now our beloved government wants to send seniors on holiday? To the sea, to the mountains, where apparently nobody complies with sanitary regulations? This conclusion is that either there is no pandemic, or the state has somewhere older people and for 500 PLN wants to expose them to the virus – writes our reader.

Mrs. Bożena, however, sees the positive side of 500 plus for holidays for retirees. – Grandmothers would go on vacation with their grandchildren, and parents would rest at home, he comments.

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Tourist voucher 500 plus – information

  • This is a one-time benefit that is intended to cover children and possibly pensioners
  • It will be paid in the form of an electronic code, which will be valid until March 2022
  • The application will have to be submitted on the electronic platform of the Social Insurance Institution
  • The 500 plus holiday voucher will only be paid for tourist services at points designated by the Polish Tourist Organization


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