“Gift certificate disappears” Account theft damage one after another… Gmarket “Active Compensation”

An absurd incident occurred in which someone hijacked an account and secretly used a gift certificate purchased at the online shopping mall G Market. Gmarket is in a position to actively compensate, but criticism comes out that the complacent response has raised the problem.

This is Reporter Lee Yoo-kyung.

In an online community, there are numerous articles saying that gift certificates bought at Gmarket have disappeared.

Unused gift certificates are treated as ‘used’ or someone has converted them into points.

Victims of Gmarket account hijacking
“I once bought a gift certificate, I bought it at the end of December, but when I went to Gmarket, mine was already used.”

Only about 110 victims have been identified so far, and the scale of damage is expected to reach tens of thousands of won.

Gmarket explains that there is no possibility of customer information being leaked.

It is presumed to be ‘credential stuffing’ in which personal information is stolen by randomly assigning IDs and passwords leaked elsewhere.

Gmarket official
“We have strengthened security through the process of strengthening identity verification, and we are preparing compensation for those who have been victimized in the future after the investigation is over.”

However, some point out that Gmarket’s response was complacent.

other onlineEven if hacked like an in-shopping mall, there was no two-factor authentication system that did not show the serial number of the gift certificate, and even after knowing the fact of hacking, it did not notify immediately, increasing additional damage.

Recently, as account theft has continued, centering on online shopping malls, the Personal Information Protection Commission has asked businesses to take additional measures such as password change and secondary authentication.

This is Lee Yoo-kyung from TV Chosun.

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