Gideon Tengker Sues ex-wife Rieta Amilia for IDR 100 Billion Divorce Settlement: Latest Updates


27 years post-divorce, parents Nagita Slavina appeared before the public with bad news. Gideon Tengker sued his ex-wife Rieta Amilia.

The lawsuit filed by Rieta Amilia is related to 11 assets and is predicted to be worth IDR 100 billion. The eleven assets include houses, restaurants, lodging, production houses and apartments.

The lawsuit was registered with case number 502/Pdt.G/2023/PNJKT.SEL. The petitum of the lawsuit has not yet been published on the official website of the South Jakarta District Court.

“That the joint assets referred to above are valued at Rp. 100,000,000,000.- (One Hundred Billion Rupiahs) and the PLAINTIFF should have the right and or share of 50% and or half of the value of the joint assets mentioned above, which is Rp. 50,000,000,000.- (Five Tens of billions of Rupiah),” he wrote in a file obtained by, Tuesday (6/6/2023).

In the lawsuit, five people were sued. In his lawsuit, he not only has the name Rieta Amilia, but also four other defendants, namely the heads of the offices of the National Land Agency in four different administrative regions.

The other four defendants listed in the list are the Head of the Central Jakarta Administrative City National Land Agency Office, the South Jakarta Administrative City National Land Agency Office Head, the Gianyar Regency National Land Agency Office Head, and the Klungkung Regency National Land Agency Office Head.

Gideon Tengker asks for treasure after 27 years of divorce. In 1986, the two married and separated in 1996. News of their separation was only announced in 2017.

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Raffi Ahmad had talked about the problems of his two in-laws. He hoped that a middle ground would be taken and it would end well between Gideon Tengker and Rieta Amilia.

Watch VideoGideon Tengker’s reason for delaying Gono-Gini’s lawsuit against Rieta Amalia


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