Giant sunspots will launch solar flares and possibly be directed towards Earth

Active Region 3038 (AR3038) giant solar flare has doubled. Is it dangerous for us? Are you going to shoot us solar flares? know here.

Scientists recently discovered a large Earth-facing sunspot that has doubled in size in recent days and may be shooting solar flares at us, putting all of the communications and electrical infrastructure here at risk. Is it potentially harmful to our planet or not? While the Center for Outer Space Weather Prediction operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said there was no cause for concern yet, that didn’t stop people from worrying about the potential danger.

Rob SteenbergThe head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Forecasting Agency pointed out that these types of sunspots do not produce harmful solar flares. Because of this, these solar flares can still cut off satellites or disrupt the power grid.

What are sunspots?

According to NASA, sunspots are areas on the Sun’s surface where the magnetic field is particularly strong. It has a relatively darker and cooler appearance than other parts of the Sun’s surface. Note that the temperature around sunspots is 3,593°C. Sun flares erupt from the area around sunspots. A solar flare is a sudden burst of energy that radiates out into space. They can disrupt communication systems and cause blackouts on Earth. Different sizes of sunspots emit different intensities of solar flares, which are measured in different alphabets. Class A flares are said to be the least intense, and the more intense the solar flares, they are represented by B, C to X.

All about Active Sunspot Zone 3038 or AR3038

based on www.inverse.comThe AR3038 does not look like an Earth-oriented torch, as it has been rotated out of view and is no longer facing Earth. However, there is another active area, the AR3040 has fired 6 Class C flares in the last 24 hours. So we can expect a stunning aurora borealis if the solar flare is pointing towards Earth.

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