Giant promotions in: IKEA, Black Red White and Agata Meble. You will buy these things the cheapest! LIST Big discounts in September 2021

Are you planning a renovation? Or maybe you want to change something in your apartment? Furniture stores tempt with low prices and unique promotions. The prices of some products have been reduced by up to several hundred zlotys! See the rebates and discounts that IKEA, Black Red White and Agata Meble have prepared for their customers. Special offers for sofas, mattresses, desks, wardrobes and much more await you.

Watch the video. How to make rattan accessories yourself?

Promotions in IKEA stores. What will we buy cheaper?

IKEA tempts with new, lower prices of well-known products.

– We produce large quantities of products, use ingenious solutions and flat packages, thanks to which we reduce costs. In this way, we can constantly offer products at a favorable price without compromising their quality, we read on the IKEA website.


Currently, we will buy cheaper, among others chairs, sofas, carpets, curtains and much more. For example, the price of the famous dark green eared armchair was reduced by PLN 100.

Additionally, IKEA offers special discounts for IKEA Family card holders. We will pay less, among others for lighting.

Black Red White tempts with low prices. The promotions won’t last forever! It’s worth to hurry up

Black Red White has prepared a number of interesting promotions at the beginning of September:



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