giant concert in New York to celebrate the return to an almost normal life

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New York organized this Saturday a big concert on the lawn of Central Park. A concert with around thirty artists: Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith, Paul Simon and Andrea Bocelli. A concert to celebrate the “rebirth” of the city which was the world epicenter of the Covid-19 epidemic a year and a half ago.

With our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki

From the first guitar notes, Carlos Santana leads the crowd: 60,000 people came to Central Park to celebrate the recovery of New York after a year and a half of pandemic: “ I had missed the concerts. And coming back with a concert like that is great! Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen are legends! I am so happy ! exclaims a woman in the audience.

« Being like that, in the middle of the crowd, is such a feeling of freedom! exclaims another woman in the crowd.

Remain optimistic despite the Delta variant

Called “We Love New York”, the concert was announced when the city had only a few cases of Covid-19. With the resumption of the epidemic due to the variant Delta, the party is a bit mixed. But New Yorkers want to stay optimistic: “ I hope this won’t be the start of a new confinement, but that we can continue to party “says a New Yorker.

« After the year we’ve been through, the bereavement, the pain, it’s the best way to get together and celebrate. »

Since the start of the pandemic, New York has deplored more than 33,000 victims of Covid-19. More than 68% of New York adults are fully immunized, but the number of infections has seen a rebound recently in the city with more than 1,800 daily cases, up 19% from the situation two weeks prior.

A party cut short by the arrival of the rain

Only vaccinated people could have access to the concert. A way for the city to encourage those who still resist to be vaccinated.

The party, which was supposed to last five hours, was nevertheless cut short due to the rain that fell on New York. ” Nature is unpredictable Said Patti Smith, who had to go on stage. « But that doesn’t stop us from celebrating life “, added the singer, thus illustrating the optimistic spirit of New York.

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