Giant Asteroids Start Closer To Earth, Up To The Pyramid Of Giza – On Sunday (25/7), an asteroid the size of the Giza Pyramids passed near Earth. Based on NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the asteroid’s distance is said to be quite close.

The size of the asteroid, called GO20 2008, has not been determined with certainty, but is estimated to be between 97 and 220 meters (318 to 720 feet) in diameter.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Sunday (25/7), the Great Pyramid of Egypt is considered a giant architectural marvel, standing at a height of 138 meters or 450 feet. Moreover, it may be exponentially larger than the Taj Mahal in India at 73 meters or 240 feet.

Because the asteroid is so close to Earth (about 2.8 million miles or 4.5 million kilometers), it is considered potentially dangerous. This is not a substantial risk, given that the actual distance is about 20 times the distance between Earth and the Moon.

Indeed, NASA predicts that Earth is fully protected from asteroid risks for the next century. Even so asteroids often pass near the earth. On July 31, another asteroid, 2019 YM6, will also make its closest approach to the planet.

It’s even bigger than the 2008 GO20, but goes even faster. However, there is still a risk of harm, as the pull of gravity has the power to change the path of objects. With such a vast size and a speed of approximately 18,000 miles per hour or 29,000 kilometers per hour, the asteroid will undoubtedly cause significant damage if it collides with the globe.


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