Gianluca Vacchi shows his daughter for the first time: “She has a malformation, she will be operated on”

“Immediately our soul and our heart went to our daughter, but at the same time to the families who have experienced the same situation, since this happens to 1 child out of 700 – explains Vacchi who appears on the cover of” Hola “in a beautiful Christmas snapshot – We are fortunate to have a great medical team for our little girl and that in due course she will be able to proceed with the surgery and thus help her to live a completely normal life ”.

Exaggerated and extravagant, Gianluca Vacchi, a father for two months, becomes serious and generous: “But this is not the situation in which many families find themselves, and it is for this reason that we have decided to take this opportunity to spread awareness and support foundations like @operationsmile who are involved in helping families in this condition ”.

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