Ghea Youbi Claims To Be Invited To Have Sex At An Hourly Rate

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Tuesday, 07 Feb 2023 22:30 WIB

Ghea Youbi Claims To Be Invited To Have Sex At An Hourly Rate (Photo: Monica)

Jakarta, Insertlive

Ghea Youbi reveals the reasons why she often appears open and sexy on social media.

He admitted that his open appearance was for the sake of getting an endorsement. Ghea admitted that she was quiet about job offers when she wore closed clothes.

“I can’t get endorsements if I don’t open up,” said Ghea Youbi quoted from a video uploaded on YouTube.

However, Ghea Youbi emphasized that she dared to appear open only when she was at home and in front of her cell phone.

Fun fact I dare (wear sexy clothes) when I’m in front of my cellphone, when I leave the house I never dare to wear shorts,” he continued.

Not only rupiah coffers, Ghea Youbi’s open appearance also made him suspected of prostitution. He has openly been asked about the rates for conducting open BO.

“The most blatant one is like, is it open or not?” he added.

“How much do you spend in an hour?” said Ghea Youbi, reading the message that came to her DM.

Ghea Youbi also chose not to respond to naughty messages that entered her Instagram messages. He emphasized that he would never sell himself for the sake of making money.

“No reply, why. Maybe there are some people who think I’m selling, I’m also confused. Oh, my God, where do I sell from, I work like that, collect money, don’t buy branded brands, but there are people who think this is ono,” said Ghea Youbi with emotion.

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