GGD will stop large-scale source and contact research

The GGD only carries out such a source and contact investigation in high-risk cases. For example with older people who cannot approach their contacts themselves.


With the investigation, the GGD tried to map out how someone became infected and to which people the virus may have been passed on. They were then urged to go into home quarantine.

The research has hardly been successful in recent weeks. In only a small number of cases, the GGD still managed to find the source. And in many cases the people themselves were already asked to inform their close contacts.

‘Can’t be sustained anymore’

According to Ernst Kuipers of the National Network Acute Care, the research may be important, but it is also not the most urgent at the moment. “It can no longer be sustained.”

Over the past two days, nearly 6,000 people a day have been tested positive for the corona virus.

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