GGD Haaglanden places contact investigation partly in the hands of corona patient | NOW

From now on, the GGD Haaglanden will carry out the source and contact investigation in a ‘risk-based way’. From now on, employees will still call the positively tested persons and vulnerable persons in their environment, but residents with a lower risk profile must be called by the corona patient.

They will still receive a written notification from the GGD.

The reason for the change in the method is the rapidly increasing number of infections in the region. Last week, a total of 779 new cases were reported, while that number has fluctuated around 400 in previous weeks. On Friday it concerned 222 new infections within 24 hours.

At the beginning of August, the GGDs in Rotterdam and Amsterdam switched to the modified working method. The largest numbers of new infections have been observed in both regions for weeks and the GGDs were therefore faced with a lack of capacity and possibly overworked staff.

Both GGDs have since slowly returned to the old working method. In Amsterdam it is not yet clear whether the source and contact investigation is completely back to the old level, but Rotterdam-Rijnmond reported this week that it has full control of the contact investigation again.


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