GGD: ‘Commercial test streets do not comply with the notification requirement’

REGION – The GGD North and East Gelderland warns that the corona figures will be blurred. The organization sees that a number of commercial test streets in the region do not comply with the notification requirement. This obligation means that the doctor or laboratory involved must report any positive test result to the GGD.

In an appeal, the GGD writes: “The result is that there is no longer a clear picture of the figures and the spread of corona. This puts public health at risk. The figures collected by RIVM are incomplete and therefore unreliable. This makes it more difficult. to decide what measures are needed to prevent the spread of the virus. The GGD therefore calls on commercial test streets to always report positive results to the GGD. “

Purpose of duty to report

Corona is an infectious disease A according to the Public Health Act. In this category, every disease case must be reported. The purpose of the reporting obligation is that the GGD knows how many people have the virus and where the virus is. ‘Only with that information can we effectively contain the virus. This way we can protect public health, ‘said the GGD.

The possibility of creating a portal in which results can be reported is being considered nationally. Because this portal is not yet in place, the GGD Noord- en Oost-Gelderland is putting into effect a temporary notification scheme. The GGD will only accept a positive result if two requirements have been met: if the test has been validated by the RIVM and if the test was administered under the supervision of a BIG-registered doctor.

Validated tests

RIVM has validated the PCR test and a number of rapid tests. This means that the results of these tests can be trusted under fixed conditions. The rapid tests are only validated if they are taken from people with complaints. More research needs to be done to test people without symptoms.

The GGD only accepts the results of validated PCR and rapid tests under conditions such as that the test must be taken by a BIG-registered doctor and it must have gone through a recognized laboratory.


If the GGD has doubts about the test, implementation and / or result, people are asked to have themselves tested again in a GGD test street. The GGD makes every effort to test these people as a matter of priority. The patient must await the result in isolation. The source and contact investigation is started when the result of the retest is known.

In Zutphen there is a test street, which belongs to the GGD …


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