Gf Vip, “We slept together. Montano and I ”. Katia Ricciarelli, the spicy detail. And then … sensational gaffe – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Fredella

Toh, Katia Ricciarelli leaves everyone speechless in the house of the gf vip. Now, however, all the altars are revealed. In practice, Ricciarelli – who has already participated in a reality show with Montano – reveals a rather spicy detail. “We slept together after a pledge a The farm , me on one side and she on the other, ”says Ricciarelli. But the audience laughs. And, at some point, everything happens on social media.

In a recent interview, the soprano said: “I go to Big Brother because I’m not a snob. With Pippo Baudo no relationship but for him I would leave the House. The surprise for me? Ciuffy “. As soon as she enters the house she is struck by all the furnishings. And he says: “What a beautiful house, it looks much bigger”. Then he reveals: “It will be a viper if they touch me.”

But the evening is one of the only ones. Not only because it is the debut of the Gf vip, but above all because the gaffes are on the scene. When Ricciarelli sees Bortuzzo, as soon as he enters the house, he says: “But we’ve already seen each other, haven’t we? Once, at Rai. Or can’t it be said? ” Then he understands. Try to fix the shot. Hand in front of the mouth. The fat is in the fire. Signorini seems embarrassed. A slip of the soprano? Maybe yes. And the detail does not escape the people of the Net.



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