GF Vip 6, the mystery of Miriana Trevisan’s illness: what happens

There is a mystery on the horizon: in the Casa del GF VIP 6, it seems that a competitor felt ill in the night. The name? Miriana Trevisan. According to the rumors launched by Novella 2000 and the rumors that later followed one another on the web, Miriana Trevisan allegedly accused an illness, of which very little is actually known at present. All this would have been supported by a video released on Twitter and which would have contributed to increasing the mystery.

GF Vip 6, did Miriana Trevisan feel bad?

According to what is also reported by I read, the name of the competitor who felt unwell during the night is that of Trevisan: it seems that a doctor was also called in any case. The details on the matter have for the moment been extrapolated from a video circulating on Twitter, later supported by a conversation by the VIPs present in the house.

The mystery deepened when the video was sifted through by aficionados of reality TV. Sophie codegoni in fact he mentioned the word “doctor”, followed in turn by Jo Squillo, who instead would have said “We need to call a doctor”. According to the rumors gathered, Lulu was also present at the time of illness. For the moment, however, no official note has been released from the production.

Concern for Miriana Trevisan

How did you come to think of Miriana Trevisan, however? The suspicion emerged when Clarissa Selassié, intent on washing the dishes, mentioned concerns about Trevisan: “We got scared“. It must also be said that, apart from the presence of the doctor, very little is known at the moment, especially because users on Twitter have reported some cuts in the direction, which evidently preferred not to show the scene, aiming for privacy.

In fact, the choice of the directing detachment alarmed the fans of reality and Trevisan, who immediately flocked to Twitter to try to understand what had happened. Among the possible reasons given, Today he mentioned that Miriana would have felt ill following an effort: having recently undergone an operation, carrying the shopping basket would have caused her some too much pain.

GF Vip 6, the illness of Manuel Bortuzzo

In any case, this is not the first illness that occurred inside the house of the GF VIP 6. A few days ago there had been huge concern also for Manuel Bortuzzo, which is a favorite with the public, and which has had unpleasant consequences due to an infection. Later it all worked out for the best, but there was apprehension, especially because there was fear that he might leave the House, much to the chagrin of the tenants and his loyal fans.



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