Gf Vip 6, Katia Ricciarelli loses patience with Patrizia Pellegrino and blurts out

Just arrived, Patrizia Pellegrino is already creating several dynamics within the Home of the GF VIP 6. The gieffina has had a quarrel with in the last few hours Katia Ricciarelli. It all started with the claim of Katia to eat his pizza before dinner was ready for all the other Vippons. At the request to wait made by the sisters Selassiè, the opera singer replied:

I don’t eat meat and so I want pizza now! It’s 10pm and I’m hungry so I want to eat. I’ll take it, otherwise I’ll take it after you. Shut up it’s better. Here the stakes must be placed. You can’t go on like this with people who are in charge at 20.

Katia immediately appeared very annoyed by this situation and to ease the tension, Patrizia started humming Anema e Core. This circumstance made her even more nervous Ricciarelli who at that point took it out on the Pellegrino:

Who is singing? Patrizia don’t take it too long to take me by the c * o singing these songs. There is little to be done with irony. You just got here and don’t do these things, don’t take me for a ride that I don’t like. You have nothing to do with it, don’t play the song to me. You made this atmosphere more sour. It is better that I tell you right away, it is better that you understand certain dynamics. They are little girls and that is not the case. You are either on my side or not.

The day after, Patrizia she came back from Katia to clarify:

I wanted to clarify that I did that song to soothe the spirits, it was not the stuff to make fun of. I beg your forgiveness on my knees. But I would like you to understand that I was just trying to make the atmosphere more serene.

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