GF Vip 2020, the anger of the Ruta and Dayane’s past: report cards thirteenth episode

The thirteenth episode of the GF Vip has given, once again, twists and cult moments. Dayane Mello has finally revealed her difficult past while Maria Teresa Route she got mad at the ex Amedeo Goria for the statements on his daughter Guenda.

Our report cards to the protagonists of the evening:

DAYANE MELLO – Many have criticized her, calling her “cold” or “strategist”, but perhaps no one really understood her. In the thirteenth episode of GF Vip, the supermodel told about her difficult past. “My mother had 10 children – she told Alfonso Signorini -. We lived in a sauna-sized cabin with three other brothers without eating for a week. She was a prostitute. I was full of lice, all dirty and skinny. I vaguely remember my mother coming in once a week, each time with a different man, and bringing us food. Then it went away. We have experienced hunger and poverty. We were becoming delinquents, we were going to steal from the supermarket. My father came to get Giuliano, not me. But when he saw me he knew I was his daughter. I forgave my mother, she taught me life ”. A touching story that seems to explain the supermodel’s long silences and her difficulty in telling herself. Reliving such difficult moments is never easy, but Dayane has been able to do it with the right delicacy. VOTE: 9.

MARIA TERESA ROUTE – Volcanic, always smiling and direct: Maria Teresa Route is the great discovery of this GF Vip. The presenter defended her daughter after hearing some statements from her ex-husband Amedeo Goria. As is well known, Guenda has repeatedly stated that she felt alone and abandoned in her childhood. Words to which the reporter responded rather harshly. “Guenda bipolar? It is not, it is a word used inappropriately – the Ruta thundered -. It’s a condition my daughter doesn’t have. I don’t allow a person who doesn’t even know if their daughter has had measles to talk about a physical or mental condition. Was it an absent father? I don’t say it, he says it. For him, what I did was fine. He took no responsibility. We know how it is made, we love it for what it is and they must continue to love it – he added -. But he can’t talk about his daughter like that about whom he knows nothing, he knows very little. He invites her home to Rome and after three days he asks her how long she stays. You can tell a relative who is close to you, not a daughter. If she sometimes has tantrums, it’s because she wants attention from you, the kind that when she was little you could not or wanted to give her. He demands them and it is right that he demands them. Excuse me, Amedeo, but you are also a journalist and do this for a living. How does it come to your mind to say certain things? Guenda is a sensitive person. It is part of his sensitivity, it is demanding. And with children you have to commit your whole life ”. How not to love her? VOTE: 9.

TOMMASO ZORZI – Impulsive, sincere and sensitive, we like Tommaso Zorzi more and more and he has become the true soul of the Casa del GF Vip. He stimulates debates, he always has his say, but above all he has managed to create strong bonds. Like the one with Stefania Orlando who she hugged, in tears, when she thought she had been eliminated. In the end Signorini announced that the elimination will take place in the episode on Friday. Guenda Goria, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Francesco Oppini, Maria Teresa Ruta and Stefania Orlando are still in the running to leave the house. Often at the center of strategies, Zorzi has shown that the only secret to being loved by the public is not having one. VOTE: 8.

ELIZABETH GREGORACI – Understanding it is increasingly difficult, especially in its continuous push and pull with Pierpaolo Pretelli. His rapprochement with the former velino of Strip the News is it sincere or is it just part of a strategy not to be eliminated? Many are wondering what lies behind the coded messages to Pierpaolo. Signorini in the thirteenth episode tried to find out what the secret of Flavio Briatore’s ex-wife is, but both have not revealed anything. Elizabeth therefore remains an unsolved mystery and the doubts about her sincerity towards the model continue. VOTE: 5.

ENOCK – After bad joke by Mario Balotelli about Dayane Mello, the competitor not only said nothing, but also has assaulted Guenda Goria, guilty of having criticized the player. “But woman what? But who the fuck are you? I was lucid to just tell you vaffa ** ulo and go to the confessional, otherwise ”, are just some of the insults that the daughter of Maria Teresa Ruta received. Alfonso Signorini also intervened on the matter and asked Enock to moderate the tone. “You had an excessively aggressive and irritating reaction – he said -. You have to learn that you cannot react in a violent way when you hear a discordant opinion ”. The apologies have finally arrived, but the matter does not seem closed. VOTE: 3.


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