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Well, that is not necessarily necessary. If Stability AI were to deny using Getty’s images then that would still have to be proven and you would need such an investigation as above, but as far as I know they don’t and they only argue that their use is not a copyright violation.

It is ideal if you can extract the original image 1-1, because then it is clearly copyright infringement, but it is also sufficient if you can prove that these are derivative works, ie images that have clearly been obtained from source files slurped from Getty that are combined in an interesting, but technically non-creative way.

In any case, this does not require an exact copy, although you are of course stronger the more similarity there is. But even if it was only very similar in style and it was not easy to prove exactly which Getty image(s) resulted in a certain output, the argument could still be that violation must have occurred, because there was from the nature of the network no creative decisions could have been made that “only” adopted the style as a human does.

Biologically speaking, we are on somewhat thin ice here, because it is not said that people are so terribly original and not also just neural networks that recombine funny, but fortunately that does not matter legally, because the distinction between a brain and a computer model is made physically easy.

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