Get your nails checked as they may let you know if you have these serious diseases

Nails aren’t exactly getting all the attention they deserve. And we are not referring only to the aesthetic side. Speaking of that, let’s see for example when women pay attention to us. Between gel, reconstruction and nail polish, this aspect certainly does not represent a problem. But what about the health of our nails? Do we really pay attention? Why, perhaps, we should pay more attention. So, get your nails checked as they may let you know if you have these serious diseases.

The state of the nails reveals a lot about our health

To explain why we should pay attention to the state of our nails is the surgeon Eric Presser. In fact, the doctor explains to us that, the way our nails look, can make us realize many things. For example, the risk we run of having some very serious diseases without knowing it.

That’s why you should do the Schamroth window test. It is a test that can predict certain diseases judging by the health of our nails and by a particular feature. So let’s see which one and how it works.

Schamroth window test, that’s what it is

The test is basically based on a particular feature of our nails. We are talking about clubbing. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry. This is simply the case where the tops of the fingers widen, causing the nail to curve around as it grows. Experts recommend particular caution in this aspect. Indeed, it can indicate the arrival of rather serious chronic diseases. Among these, the most serious is a rather severe pulmonary fibrosis.

Crohn’s disease, colitis and mesothelioma also join the list. Therefore, have your nails checked as they may let you know if you have these serious diseases. And it’s always better to put health first!


Bruises under the nails: if they have these characteristics you have to worry

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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