Get to know “Wu Mong Ta”, the late 70-year-old Hong Kong comedian star.

Get to know “Wu Mong Ta,” the late 70-year-old Hong Kong comedian, the partner of “Zhou Sing Shi”.

On Saturday afternoon (February 27, 2021), several news agencies reported the same, the famous Hong Kong actor “Wu Mong Ta” passed away at the age of 70 from liver cancer.

According to Wikipedia, Wu Meng Ta (Ng Man-tat) or Thai people popularly call him Wu Mong Ta, born on January 2, 1952, is a Hong Kong actor. It is famous for the role of the protagonist, the comedian and the son of the movie “Zhou Xingchi” so many that it is the symbol of the movie Zhou Xingchi by default.

“Wu Mong Ta” is a native of Fujian province. Mainland China He has been acting since 1975, after he completed his acting program at TVB in 1974 (1974).

In the 90s, Wu Mong Ta turned to film. Born in the most outstanding supporting role of the era in The Woman Who Do Not Touch (A Moment of Romance, 1990) is a soulmate with Liu De Hua until he was awarded the Golden Doll for Best Supporting Actor. ) From the 10th Hong Kong Film Awards 1990 and turned comedic roles in Zhou Xingshi’s films since The Cut of Sian (All for the Winner, 1990). [1] , Cut Man 2 (God of Gamblers 2, 1990) onwards.

“Wu Mong Ta” has shown many films. In particular, the work performed with Zhou Xinghi and is regarded as the most outstanding in the early 90s is the film Little Man, an older student (Fight Back to School, 1991) and plays the father of both Zhou Xinghi and Liu Dehua in the film Bites (Tricky Brains, 1991), both of which have been turned into films. A prototype Zhou Xinghi later developed his own style of comedy.

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In addition to being a “hilarious duo” in Zhou Xinghi’s films, Wu Mong Ta has also starred in several films as Lukku with Liu Dehua, such as the Dragon Kwan Jaw. Rich, love, I’ll tell you (Dance With Dragon, 1991) Your life, my life, one life (The Prince of Temple Street, 1992). Next life is me again (Gameboy Kids, 1992), Xiao Hui, no reply (Handsome Sibling, 1992) etc.

The last film he starred in with Zhou Xingchi was Lime Yi (Shaolin Soccer, 2001), after which he became ill and suffered from chronic health problems with heart disease for ten years. Film Little Man, Big Toy (CJ7, 2008) Originally the protagonist of Wu Mong, Ta Zhou Xinghi would be directing the show only, but because of health problems, Zhou Xinghi took the role. His latest film is the sci-fi space saving the Earth from mainland China, Operation Through the Sun (The Wandering Earth, 2019).

Over the years, Wu Mong Ta has faced rumors that he died several times.

However, last weekend (Feb. 21) Web site manager online reported.The news that the 70-year-old star was hospitalized again. In the oncology department as well And most recently, every news agency reported that “Wu Mong Ta” died peacefully from liver cancer this past afternoon.

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