Get to know these five books in which his story was set in Castellón

Discover these five books that its history passed in Castellón.

Carolina and the brave, Penelope’s rebellion O The girl you didn’t know how to love. Surely very few people from Castellón will be struck by these titles, but are books in which its history had the province of Castellón as the epicenter. Murders, love stories, criminal organizations … there are many incentives to be encouraged to read these magnificent stories.

Therefore, from Mediterranean We explain the synopsis of some titles set in Castellón territory.

The keeper of secrets

This novel has been written by the writer Óscar Hernández Campano and the story is set in the context of the Civil War. The narrative focuses on the story of Miguel, a small boy who is sent by his father, a high official of the Republic, to Peñíscola. There he will meet the Keeper of Secrets, a young man with a mysterious relationship with the sea for which both his life and that of his relatives were in grave danger.

The girl you didn’t know how to love

Detective Tony Roures, cynical and sentimental, receives a visit at dawn from an old friend, Alberto Llorens, a photographer whom he believed to be happily married to a wealthy Castellón businesswoman. The sad reality, as he tells him, is that he has marital problems and has become a regular at the most famous hostess club in all of the Spanish Levante.

Carolina and the brave

This is the story of a boy and a girl who met in Benicàssim one night in 1963 and dared to defend their dreams: she, Carolina could go wherever she wanted, get whatever she wanted and go as far as her intelligence, her personality and her talent carried her. He, Luis, was trapped in a country where having ideas could end everything. But they met and did not want to give up.

Murder in the street lamp square

In Castelló, a homeless man appears brutally murdered at the cashier of a bank office in the central Plaza de la Independencia, popularly known as the Plaza de la Farola. Inspector Bartolomé Monfort travels from Barcelona to work on the case, at the request of the Chief of Police for the capital of La Plana.

Penelope’s rebellion

Penelope is found unconscious next to the corpse of her best friend in a place on the coast of Castellón. Santiago Ramírez, a police inspector, will try to unmask the murderer while dealing with the sick and addictive relationship that binds him to his wife.



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