Get to know the Covid-19 Vaccine, the function until whether the vaccination will be effective

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – For almost one year we have lived together in the midst of a pandemic, currently the government is preparing a Covid-19 vaccine for all Indonesians.

Since the beginning of the process, many questions have appeared in the minds of most people regarding the purpose, benefits, and role of the Covid-19 vaccine in dealing with the pandemic.

Then how exactly is the Covid-19 vaccine effective in cutting off the spread?

Medical specialist disease in Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village Dr. dr. Benyamin Lukito SpPD said, vaccination is actually a way to prevent a disease attack someone’s body.

Because, with vaccination will make the body produce antibodies that function to prevent when a virus enters so that the body becomes painless.

If vaccination is carried out on a large number of people, the disease in question is expected to become extinct.

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This is like what happened in the past, there are many examples of cases disease which has become extinct because of the vaccine.

“For example, disease smallpox, not chicken pox.

This disease is no longer found at this time and is only in the textbook.

For that, we hope that in this way we can also overcome the problems that are being faced by the whole world, namely Covid-19, “he said during a live Instagram session. Siloam Hospitals Group led by Patient Experience Group Head Siloam Hospitals Amelia Hendra, Wednesday (13/1/2021).

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