Get the Best Deals on the iPhone 15 Series with SmarTone’s 12% Discount Plan

Get the Best Deals on the iPhone 15 Series with SmarTone’s 12% Discount Plan

Last Friday everyone should be working hard on the new iPhone 15 series, especially the “titanium” iPhone 15 Pro series. The Pro Max version has been upgraded to a telephoto lens with a 5x zoom effect. Switching to USB-C interface is difficult without grabbing it. As the saying goes, “Buy early, enjoy early, buy late, buy later.” As the author tells you, you can buy iPhone 15 at home, first come first, last second!

Prices are high again. Order now. It will be available in November.

As soon as the sales started yesterday, there were already crowds of people around. Xianda Plaza, where the machines are concentrated, was even more crowded. There were queues of people waiting for the machines everywhere. Yesterday afternoon, the recycling price of the iPhone 15 Pro series was the most attractive. For example, the iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB version can earn more than $3,000 in four colors. Furthermore, the current ordering process has to wait until mid-October or even November before the goods are available. Want to buy one? In fact, it is really difficult.

If you don’t get the chance, you can’t get fried food, and you don’t want to wait, you might as well go on stage. Launching the iPhone has always been a relatively quick way to get a new iPhone, and every network operator in the market has prepared different launch plans early in the morning. It’s a fact that it’s too much to be confused, but if you’re wise enough to think about it, if you look around and think it’s “TLTR”, I can tell you that SmarTone, one of the many network companies, has launched the new iPhone 15 series. Is the monthly fee plan the best value for money? What’s the solution?

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iPhone 15 Series – Get iPhone 15 Pro Max for $8,975

In fact, with the iPhone 15 series plan launched by SmarTone, users can purchase the iPhone at a 12% discount on the price. For example, with the 110GB 5G Plan (monthly fee $318) suitable for most people, the 256GB version of iPhone 15 Pro Max is now available, and the price is immediately reduced by $1,224. You can pick up the 256GB version of iPhone 15 Pro Max for only $8,975!

If Du Zhong is not sure about the explanation, here are a few examples. The following list is compared with the monthly fee of a certain network provider at the same price. You can see the price of the phone + the monthly fee for the entire period. SmarTone released the iPhone 15 Pro Max (256GB) is more affordable than another network provider, and the total expenditure can be saved close to $500.

The additional discounts for the iPhone 15 series are practical enough

Of course, to put it bluntly, it’s not just about instant price reductions. SmarTone’s iPhone 15 series plan this time also has a lot of discounts. For example, you can purchase designated Apple accessories at a discount of up to 12% off, and you can use it to get even more discounts when you buy a new phone. , buy the most practical new case or the new version of AirPods Pro 2 (USB-C), etc., to avoid chewing on useless accessories.

SmarTone comes with its signature 12-month upgraded version of the double-sided protection “SmarTone Burst Replacement” service, which allows free repair and replacement of the horn. Even if one accidentally drops the horn, it will be pain-free!

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iPhone 15 series – Existing customers don’t have to pay for expensive plans and there are additional discounts

Another thing worth noting is that SmarTone’s new and old customers will use the same set of plans to sign up, renew and upgrade. Existing customers will not be forced to pay for the expensive plan. According to the author’s observation, this is the only one in the market that focuses on this. network provider. In addition, existing customers can purchase the iPhone 15 series without prepayment and receive a USB-C fast-charging charger.

If you have plans to go shopping or travel to the north, you can also pay attention to the roaming discounts in the SmarTone plan. Not only will you get an extra 2GB of data on mainland China and Macau, but you will also get a free “Smart 2 Pass” mainland phone number. When traveling north, you can use the mobile app to call a car or register for a domestic electronic payment platform, which is very considerate.

In addition, the plan also includes a half-price discount for flexible roaming data service. The autumn leaves season is coming soon. After buying a new phone, you can take a trip to Japan to take pictures of the red leaves. It can also be used with roaming to take photos and check in instantly. There is also a flexible roaming data service system. Supports air roaming, you don’t even need to buy a Wi-Fi Pass, you can stay connected at high altitudes.

Want to know more about the 12% off iPhone 15 series off-the-shelf discount? Now press:

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