Get Spooked for Free: Midnight Ghost Hunt Now Available on Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store has revealed the latest game to be giving away for free as part of the digital platform’s MEGA Sale event, and it’s Midnight Ghost Hunt.

While it may not have the legacy of Fallout: New Vegas, Midnight Ghost Hunt still looks like a fun multiplayer game. In a sense, this is a twist on item hunting, as players can either take on the role of a ghost, who must camouflage inside objects around the map, or they can play as one of the hunters, who must shoot the ghost down before midnight. fall.

When the clock strikes midnight, all hell breaks loose as the ghost becomes super powerful. Hunters can still win here, but they have the fight of their lives on their hands. At the time of writing, Midnight Ghost Hunt is still in early access, but since it’s free, it might be worth checking’s hereObtain.

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