Get ready! Tofu and Tempe Prices Will Rise


The public must be prepared, the price know and tempeh will rise in the next few months. The Ministry of Trade stated that the increase in the price of tempeh and tofu occurred as a result of rising global soybean prices.

The Director General of Domestic Trade, Oke Nurwan, said that Indonesia was still dependent on imported soybean products. Therefore, if the global soybean price increases, inevitably the price of soybean derivative products will also increase. Tofu and tempeh are no exception, which are Indonesian people’s favorite foods.

“I need to say because the dependence on world soybean prices will certainly have an impact on domestic soybean prices at the level of tofu and tempeh craftsmen. These craftsmen have to buy soybeans at high prices and of course this will affect the prices of tofu and tempeh,” said Oke in a virtual press conference, Friday (11/2/2022).

Soybean prices in the first week of February 2022 reached US$ 15.77 per bushel (1 bushel = 27.2 kilograms/kg) or Rp. 11,240 per kg at the domestic importer level. Oke explained that the increase in soybean prices is estimated to reach its peak in May with prices reaching US$ 15.79 per bushel.

Prices will run down until July, but are still relatively high or around US$ 15.74 per bushel. Okay estimate at the crafter level know and tempeh, soybean prices will move high at around Rp. 11,500-12,000 per kg in the next few months.

It is estimated that the price of tempeh will increase to Rp. 10,300 per kg at the artisan level if the price of soybeans is at Rp. 11,500 per kg. If the price of soybeans reaches Rp. 12,000 per kg, then the price of tempe becomes Rp. 10,600 per kg at the level of craftsmen.

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