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the show of Charm Live, the great musical arrives in Guayaquil this July 10 to provide joy, magic and fun for the smallest and largest of the family, who ended up delighted by the award-winning Disney movie, Charmon which this staging is based.

“We just finished a tour over the weekend, which toured all of Peru. A contact that gave us the opportunity to take our show to Guayaquil. It has been two months of touring each town, each province of Peru where we have shared love. It has been wonderful to reach the family, reach the children and receive the reception that the work has had. We hope in Ecuador to have the same receptivity”, explains Alejandra Del Valle, artistic director of the tour of the work produced by the Peruvian company Vivo Entertainment.

With a completely live show, children will be able to see up close the Madrigal family house hidden in the mountains. They will also sing with them the songs that became famous after the premiere of the animated film, which were written by the composer and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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More than 20 Latin American artists stage the play ‘Encanto Live, el gran musical’. Photo: Courtesy

The musical features more than 20 Latin American artists on stage, from Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela, promising for attendees an experience at the level of the magic of the Madrigal family.

The characters that will be in the center of the stage, of course, are the renowned Bruno, characterized by André Diaz; Isabel, by Alexandra Romero; Grandma Madrigal is played by Marilyn Molina; and the protagonist Mirabel is made by the Peruvian María Alexandra Pineda “our star because the truth is that she is a very talented girl with a spectacular voice”, says Del Valle. There will also be cousin Dolores, sister Luisa and more.

In ‘Encanto Live, the great musical’ you can’t miss Uncle Bruno, who “isn’t talked about”. Photo: Courtesy

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“It should be noted that the entire musical is with live voices, the cast members are actors and singers,” says the artistic director. That is why the memorable songs will not be missing There is no mention of Bruno, caterpillarsamong other. Charm Live, the great musical It will go through Colombian genres such as cumbia, joropo and bambuco, to more modern ones such as reggaeton.

Another of the main axes of the story is the inclusion and diversity of cultures and races that represent the ethnic groups that represent Colombia. “Do not miss the show because the truth is that you are going to leave very happy. The lights, the colors, the characters, the interaction they have with the family and the children will be a very beautiful experience. We want to give them a good time and that everyone enjoys”.

Mirabel Madrigal is the protagonist of ‘Encanto Live, el gran musical’. Photo: Courtesy

The song ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ (from ‘Encanto’) is Disney’s biggest hit since 1995

The musical has two only presentations this Sunday July 10, at the Centro de Arte theater, at 3:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Tickets available at Values: Charms Zone, $60; Golden, $50; Platinum, $40; VIP, $40; and General, $20.

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