Get ready to see Kim Soo Hyun’s ridiculous action at Secretly, Greatly Tonight

JAKARTA, – Get ready for some ridiculous action Kim Soo Hyun of film director Jang Cheol So’s title Secretly,¬†Greatly.

Film this is based on the famous webtoon series entitled Covertness Hun’s work which has been viewed 40 million times since its release in 2013.

Film Secretly, Greatly is a comedy drama film that tells of a North Korean spy, played by Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ki Woong and Lee Hyun Woo.

The three of them are told that they disguise themselves as village idiots, rock musicians, and high school students.

Here Kim Soo Hyun plays characters named Lieutenant Won Ryu Hwan and Bang Dong gu, a top North Korean agent who defeats more than 20,000 enemies, and speaks five languages, but disguises himself as an idiot.

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Meanwhile Park Ki Woong plays Rhee Hae Rang and Kim Min Su, the son of North Korean officials.

As an agent, Park Ki Woong is no less handsome than Ryu Hwan. In South Korea, he disguises himself as someone who dreams of becoming a singer.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyun Woo plays a character named Rhee Hae jin, the youngest secret agent in North Korean history, and disguises himself as a school student.

In their disguises, the trio try to blend in with the villagers, while waiting for orders.

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Until one day, due to a change in power in North Korea, the third mission turned into a suicide mission.

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This was done to prevent the elite in North Korea from falling into enemy hands.

Meanwhile, North Korean army instructor Kim Tae Won crosses the border to eliminate those who refuse to follow orders.

Are you curious about how fun it is? Secretly, Greatly will air today, Sunday (23/8/2020) at 22.30 WIB, on Trans7.

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