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fighting so that this is notbecome law.íctor: we return with jeúsópez and the complete report ofthe conditions.storm approachingour area. what weshcan you tell about thisfreak?Jeús: I am monitoring thisstorm early.has its way toour area.we’ll see what timewill impact tomorrow.from 10:00 at nightwe have the first flakesaffecting newark.later it expands to the areatriestatal.affect our area.manhattan with 31 milestime, also for there and 38miles.the wind is going to drag thatcold air mass and it will bean elid night compared toprevious. they will beimpacting at nightfrom Thursday. later one arriveshigh pressure that is going to givethat arctic air mass for theweekend. we will see step bystep at what time will it impact usthis storm. at 10:00the night we have sleetaffecting the jarin state and themetropolitan area, but notbut until 2:00 in thetomorrow where it covers muchfrom the tri-state area. It ispink color on screenshows a winter mixture thatit’s been snow and rain,also heaven.we have three types ofprecipitation.snow, sleet and rainintense.It is a very unstable day,specifically in the morningof 6:15 in the morning he gives aturn to rain for the areametropolitan to intense yalso to long island.continues to affect the area of ​​thegarden and for connecticutwe havesleet. for middaywe have more stable weather,but the conditions will beelidas.a European model indicatedinches of accumulation,Same as the American model.

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