“Get Ready for the Thrilling Episode 34 of Kingfisher Bird Series on Turkish Star TV: Dates, Frequency & More”

Many are waiting for the date of the Kingfisher Bird series, episode 34, to be shown on the Turkish Star TV channel, as the series won the admiration of millions from all over the world because of its distinctive events that attracted the attention of many, and knowing the frequency of the channel that displays the series to watch it easily and enjoy its interesting events as shown on the Egy website Best in high quality dubbed in Arabic, the series is considered one of the prominent Turkish works that are very popular at the present time, with millions of viewers around the world watching it.

Kingfisher series, episode 34

The events of the thirty-fourth episode revolve around the main characters in the drama, especially central figures such as Siran and Farid. Many interesting and exciting developments await this episode. Some details about the expected events in the upcoming episode have been leaked, which increases viewers’ eagerness to know what will happen as the escape of some characters and the impact of the death of a main character on the Korhan family are highlighted.

Viewers expect that the thirty-fourth episode will carry important developments in the lives of the main characters and their families, in addition to interesting surprises that may affect the course of the general events of the series.

In general, the series “The Kingfisher Bird” is considered one of the most important Turkish works at the present time, as it is characterized by an interesting story, exciting dramatic events, and a wonderful performance by the action heroes. The series achieved great success in many countries and became one of the most famous Turkish series that won the audience’s admiration, and thanks to the available subtitles on the Internet, viewers from all over the world can easily follow the series and enjoy an exciting and interesting story.

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Channels carrying Kingfisher series

Reference is made to the channel showing the series, which is the Turkish Star TV, and to remind readers that the series is not available on Arab channels, but it can be followed through websites specialized in showing Turkish series such as the EgyBest website, and the WiSima website, and the episode will contain many fiery events, Including Farid’s revenge after Fouad’s death, enjoy watching the episode and discover more exciting things in the upcoming parts of the series.

Series show date

The Kingfisher Bird series will be shown on the Turkish Star TV channel, on the following dates:

  • At exactly 8 o’clock Cairo local time.
  • At exactly 8 o’clock Saudi time.

The frequency of the channel carrying the Kingfisher series

The series Kingfisher Bird will be shown on the Turkish Star TV channel on the Turksat satellite:

  • Frequency: 12209
  • Polarization: horizontal
  • Coding: 3000

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