Get ready for the cold that is going to register during this Monday night in New York, according to the weather report | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

same go anywherefrom the united states.factor: to buy then.full report of theterms.there is talk of possible snowmorning.How significant is going todo?but you have to pay a lotpay attention to the conditionscurrent.time has expressed little that we are at 36 forwhite plains, 30 and seven formanhattan, just like formorristown.temperatures at 37.let’s add the factor ofwind, 21 miles per hourtowards the guard, just likepara white plains y jfk a 14miles per leave his house he feels themIn the low 30s, at 7:00 a.m.the night at 32.for the early morning, 29 °.if you have to work in theearly morning, wear some glovesbecause you have to protectextremities of his body.the European model shows thattomorrow we will riskwe start at 8:15 withenough cloudiness, that wecan you bring some flakes noon we have that linesnow and rain.inside our areawe will have a snowfallintense.pocoy is going to bring us rain to2:15 on Tuesday.we can see that green color.find the cliff.we do not rule out flakes onall for the bronx, manhattan.because we are going to have a littlerain in our forecast.the door was opened for thefrontal systems like pedrofor his house.we have other systems thatthey will bring rain and snow,but since all the level towardsthe north in our area.on Tuesday we will have flakessnow, maximum temperaturewill reach 40 ° amu for himWednesday at 44.Wednesday with 44 and theLow temperature at 39.a system that will bring usrain.for this saturday, temperature41 °.


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