“Get Ready for Summer: Warm Weather Forecast for Next Week”

Pull out the beach chairs, inflatable pools and umbrellas. Next week feels like summer.

Monday and Tuesday we will be confronted with a dip in temperature when the wind increases in strength. Particularly on Tuesday, there are also more cloud fields that are supplied from the North Sea. This may cause some brief splashing in the northern provinces, but that should be the only precipitation for this week. Due to the clouds and the stronger wind, the maxima from north to south will remain between 14 and 19 degrees.

Temperatures peak on Wednesday. With lots of sun and a northeasterly wind that decreases in strength, it can reach 22 to 25 degrees inland. A day later, on the first official summer day, we can also count on a lot of sun and it will be over 20 degrees in many places.

First summer day

The meteorological summer officially starts on Thursday, and also quite sunny. On Thursday there will be cloud fields locally, especially in the Northern Netherlands. In the southern areas, the sun largely predominates. However, there are large temperature differences in the country on the first day of summer. In the Wadden area it does not get warmer than 15 degrees. A little more to the east and south and in the Randstad, values ​​between 19 and 22 degrees are on the program, let Weatheronline know.

The temperature will drop slightly on Friday and next weekend, but from the wind it will remain very warm and it will feel like summer for a long time. In the southeastern part of the country it remains warm with maxima above 22 degrees.

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