Get ready! Crazy weather awaits us tomorrow


On the night of Friday, short-term precipitation will fall in places over southern Bulgaria and the western regions of the Upper Thracian plain, accompanied by thunder and a temporary strengthening of the wind. The minimum temperatures will drop and will be between 15° and 20°C. Meteo Balkans expects the highest values ​​to be along the Black Sea and in southern Bulgaria – up to 19-20°C.

Before noon on Friday, sunny weather will prevail, with the development of cumulus, and in the afternoon – and cumulus-rain clouds. We also expect torrential rains, and they will be more significant in the mountainous regions and in many places in Western and Central Bulgaria, where in some places it will rain and thunder.

It will blow weak, and Eastern Bulgaria to moderate wind from the northwest.

Weather on the Black Sea

Friday night will be clear and quiet. During the day it will be mostly sunny and warm. Maximum air temperatures -30-31°С, sea water – 25°-27°. The excitement of the sea will be between 2-4 bales. A light northeast wind will blow.

Weather in the mountains

It will not be suitable for spending and tourism. The probability of sudden rises in river levels due to intense rainfall is increasing. Drive carefully on the passages!

By noon, the clouds will be broken, but in the afternoon in the massifs of Western and Southern Bulgaria, cumulus-rain clouds will develop and in some places it will rain and thunder.

A moderate wind will blow, and a strong wind from the northeast on open and high parts. Maximum temperatures at an altitude of 1200-1300 meters will exceed 23°, at 2000 meters – about 14°.

The weather in the Balkans

The northern parts of the peninsula will fall into the southern periphery of an extensive anticyclone centered over northern Europe. Slightly cooler air will penetrate from the northeast, which will destabilize the atmosphere over the country. The weather will remain mostly sunny and warm, but from the afternoon hours until midnight, cumulus and cumulus-rain clouds will develop and there will be short-term precipitation accompanied by thunderstorms.

Over the next 72 hours, we expect an area of ​​low atmospheric pressure to form over Greece. With this synoptic justification, significant amounts of precipitation are not excluded in places.

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